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As with many bad ideas, the genesis of my email list began when I read a book on marketing and self-promotion: PERMISSION MARKETING by Seth Godin. And the upshot of this book was that email direct-marketing is actually superior to other kinds of marketing, as long as your 'customer' _chooses_ to be marketed to. Obviously, I send out notices about my book on Facebook and on Twitter, but those tend to be wasted on this vast audience of people I barely know. Whereas if I had an opt-in email list, then I'd be able to capture just the ones who might actually be interested in buying my book. Additionally, when people sign up for your email list then they experience a kind of buy-in: in actively choosing to be your fan, they're forging a personal connection to you.

And thus was born The Rahooligans. Yes, the name is silly, but I refuse to apologize for it (Except that I guess this is kind of an apology). Anyways, if you want to receive very infrequent (fewer than one per month) emails about my public appearances, book releases, and other such stuff, then please sign up! The only required field is your email address. If you got directed here through some strange route and want to know more about me, then please click through to my website or my Twitter account.

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